At your side when you feel endangered

 What it is

Never Alone® is an application for smartphones (both Apple and Android)
designed for the safety of people on the move


By simply using your smartphone, you will be able to defend and safeguard your own safety, your assets, your moveable property and your business by relying on a 24-hour operations centre that will always be at your side, taking charge of any dangerous situation.



Through a simple click on your smartphone, Never Alone® alerts the staff of the Gecom operations centre that, in the event of a request for assistance, will implement a specific, customised and tailored action plan according to what is being reported.



Geo-location, video camera and microphone: Never Alone® enables various smartphone tools to provide the police with all the useful information needed to constantly monitor a dangerous situation, as well as taking prompt, effective action in the event of a risk.

Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Never Alone® offers extensive privacy assurance, in full compliance with the regulations envisaged by the GDPR, as a result of its specific feature of not recording any audio-video content on the customer’s equipment, but it only sends useful data for Gecom’s operations centre.

For those who want to feel safer

Suitable for all: Mai Never Alone® is intended for all those who need to feel safer
at all times of their professional or private lives


The app is a solution to provide full safety during every move of professionals, the elderly, women and children, or high-profile figures such as VIPs, entrepreneurs and businessmen: the pre-alarm and emergency functions can be activated at all times of day, for anyone who needs to feel protected in case of a potential danger at home, on the street or at work.


    • when moving in places at risk, deserted or dark (e.g.: garages, neighbourhoods, roads, parks)
    • when meeting unknown or potentially dangerous people 
    • to safely transport valuable goods/merchandise
    • to defend one’s shops when moving cash or goods
    • to geolocate a person (e.g. a minor or an elderly person)
    • for professional categories at risk when they meet strangers (e.g.: taxi drivers or traders)

How it works

Pre-alarm – potential danger

By holding down the yellow Pre-alarm button on the post login screen for 3 seconds, the user will alert the Gecom operations centre taking charge of potentially dangerous situations 24 hours a day.

The pre-alarm duration is set through a timer that activates a countdown at the end of which there are two options: the deletion of the signal by the very user to communicate the avoided danger or the automatic conversion of the signal into an “Emergency”, which activates the operational procedures for a rapid action by the police.

Emergency – dangerous situation

By holding down the red Emergency button on the post login screen for 3 seconds, the user will report a situation involving an actual hazard and activate all the procedures required for immediate action by Gecom.

The automatic geo-location, video camera and microphone activation will allow the police to quickly obtain all the information to take action, monitor the situation and reach the user in the shortest possible time.