Know-how, technology and professionalism for all-round security management and to support our clients in any situation. In a nutshell, this has always been Gecom’s mission


Together for a common goal

Our business is founded on direct, stimulating and continuing relationships with all our partners, establishing the climate of trust required to achieve a common goal: increasing a company’s value and growing its business.


Security, surveillance, reception: we take care of everything

We rely on a modern, efficient, functional and lean organisation, capable of developing a comprehensive and integrated management system to meet any requirement for security, private surveillance and reception services. This flexible yet well-structured organisation makes it possible to maintain direct control over all services, allowing the client to rely on a one-stop shop they can contact at any time and in any situation.


Organisation and technology at the service of any need

What is more, we focus on using and developing state-of-the-art and innovative technologies. Tools such as the NeverAlone App for personal security or the GecomData platform to archive information on our clients’ activities, make us unique and underline the identity of a dynamic company that is always in step with the times.


La vicinanza e la prossimità al cliente sono elementi fondamentali per rispondere in modo puntuale ai diversificati bisogni di security-vigilanza-accoglienza.

Physical closeness to the client is crucial to thoroughly cater for diversified security-surveillance-reception needs.
That is why Gecom operates throughout the country and coordinates its activities from three operative offices: Arezzo – where the company was founded and where the Operations Centre is located – as well as Rome and Milan, the two major Italian cities.


Skills and professionalism to support the growth of your business: Gecom only relies on its own Security Managers, certified and constantly up-to-date professionals


Staff trained for any operating area

We believe that staff expertise is a priority to best guarantee each service: private security, private surveillance, surveillance facility, video surveillance, concierge service, transport of valuables, checks on inventory discrepancies, labelling, customer reception or executive protection.


Discretion and privacy for the peace of mind of our clients

The protection of premises is seamlessly integrated with the client’s activity, assuring high compliance standards. Consistently, our team’s expertise in security is combined with the care, respect and privacy required in the various situations, pursuing the satisfaction of all the people we assist by achieving the best result possible.



Our services are certified

Activities in security, surveillance and reception, thus being able to provide every client with a further guarantee of its quality. Over the years, our company has obtained the certifications required to perform its various.

EN 50518:2014 Bureau Veritas

Firefighting and anti-crime remote surveillance centre.

SO 14001:2015 Bureau Veritas

Planning and coordination of services in security brokerage, investigation, concierge, reception, transport and safekeeping of valuables.

OSHAS 18001:2007 Bureau Veritas

Planning and coordination of services in armed and unarmed surveillance, concierge, reception, transport and safekeeping of valuables.

ISO 9001:2015
Bureau Veritas

Planning and provision of services in brokerage, armed and unarmed surveillance, investigation, concierge, reception, transport and safekeeping of valuables. Alarm management through Operations Centre..

UNI 10891:2000

Remote surveillance, remote guarding, intervention on alarm.