Operational workshops and courses to build a culture of security/surveillance

We deal with well-established and certified training to allow employees, partners, clients, operators and professionals to gain extensive knowledge of the strategies for private surveillance and to protect goods, premises and people. Our company uses a Study Centre to offer two specific cycles of classes on e-learning platforms with attendance tracking:

training course for personnel in charge of concierge services, customer support and sales surveys in Mass Distribution and retail (sponsored by the University of Salerno);

 training course for security professionals to acquire the curricular requirements set forth by standard UNI 10459:2017, with a certificate issued by the “Link Campus University” of Rome.


Operations Centre

Surveillance-Security: one single office, active 24/7, for managing all emergencies in real time
The throbbing heart of Gecom’s activity is the Operations Centre, which is constantly connected to the Security Managers to assure immediate and effective action in case of need. The presence of professionals trained for video surveillance, the use of cutting-edge technologies, the thorough knowledge of clients’ activity and the provision of an action plan for the various problems are the prerequisites for the daily work of our surveillance facility, which is recognised by a regular Prefecture licence and offers a guarantee for the peace of mind of all our clients.

Security facility: attentive, yet unobtrusive protection
Connected to each of our anti-robbery and video surveillance systems, the Operations Centre operates in full respect of clients’ privacy and provides corporate data security while offering constant monitoring and activation in the event of crimes to ensure extensive security services.What is more, the Centre also oversees the proper operation of any system and ascertains any tampering, as well as protecting personal safety via tools such as NeverAlone App.

We coordinate a network of security professionals
Therefore, the Operations Centre is the hub of an actual network that connects and coordinates the action of security, surveillance and reception professionals throughout the country as well as abroad, relying on a widespread organisation that, upon receiving the alarm or alert of a potential danger, ensures action is taken in a matter of minutes.


All your activities are recorded, catalogued and one click away
GecomData is the IT tool devised and developed by Gecom to allow its clients to keep up on and monitor what is happening at their company, by recording all useful information and producing detailed reports.

A management and analysis platform designed for businesses
This platform lets you catalogue every detail that can make it easier to operationally and technically manage a public or private concern, through a collection of data, performance and indicators relating to the most diverse areas:private e public security services, employees, suppliers, goods and sales trends, down to market fluctuations. The tool is aimed at providing the client with a simple report to monitor, streamline and improve the management of their company or their sales outlets, as well as identifying and preventing any problems while promoting the highest business security levels.

A minute-by-minute report on the whole business of the company
Indeed, GecomData provides a thorough, analytical, realistic picture of your business that is always at your fingertips, to ensure it is run in the utmost security and lawfulness.

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